How to Hack Fingerprint Scanners & Crack Vault Doors – Diamond Casino Heist GTA

This guide will let you know how to hack Fingerprint Scanners & Crack Vault Doors faster during The Diamond Casino Heist in Grand Theft Auto 5.

You will be able to hack the terminal keypads and crack into the vault.

In order to practice this, you will need to get the upgrades inside of your arcade business and it is recommended to get only one of them. Starting with the one that probably most people got first and that is the casino model.

It’s like a platinum-looking mini version of the casino. Then it has these tiny blue chess pieces which are supposed to be your access and entry points. Once you’ve already established those you don’t have to find them again. So there’s really no point in buying the model because it’s pretty expensive, especially with all the other things you could spend your money on. So honestly at the end of the day, so do not buy the model casino it’s really not worth it.

Now the one that is important is the door security panel and this will allow you to practice door security. There are two types of door security there’s the fingerprint scanner and the keypad cracker.

Starting with the fingerprint scanner you essentially have 8 different squares and you need to match four of them to the clone target. Now if it’s easy, you can just simply take screenshots of the correct components in this guide because the fingerprints are the exact same each time. So over time, you’ll start to recognize which fingerprint is which and you’ll have a better idea of which components you need to choose.

So you can make this easy. Start from the outside and work your way in it’s just like a puzzle it’s easier to get the corner pieces and the same thing can be applied with the fingerprint scanner. For the inside look for a specific feature for example in the middle of the fingerprint there’s always a distinct curve it almost looks like a fishing hook or an upside-down J you can always tell what that’s going to be and then once you’ve established that it makes things incredibly easy.

The biggest difference between doing these practice runs and when you’re doing the real heist is that there is a lot more on the line. Your teammates could die or you could end up losing money.

Now the fingerprint scanner is crucial because it will allow you to get to more places in the casino that you couldn’t get to whether that’s inside the vault or getting elevator access or pathways that weren’t presented themselves.

The next one is a little bit harder it’s the keypad cracker.

In the keypad cracker you’re going to get this terminal with five columns and six rows and what will happen is it’ll start to flash a couple of dummy signals that you need to ignore. The final signal the one that flashes a couple of times is the one you need to choose.

Essentially, you must match the blue dots once they disappear. So what will happen is you’ll start at the top of each column and you’ll have to work your way down or up until you choose the right one. You get six wrong attempts which you should not be blowing through.

Because just like with the fingerprint scanner you have to find four of these in succession to complete the hack. So don’t just go around selecting all of them thinking you can get them right that’s not going to work.

Now at first this is gonna be pretty tough but basically what you want to do is just try and memorize the last one you see. So once you’ve figured out the final positions you just need to rematch them up and you’ll be good to go. If you have photographic memory this is going to be incredibly easy for you.

Now the final thing is drilling into the vault. So to do this there are two types of drills there’s like a normal drill and then there is a laser drill.

Don’t get this confused with the power drill that can be found for everyone’s heist, meant to drill into the security lock boxes that is not the same drill that you use to get into the vault.

So in this case it is the laser drill. What you have to do is just use the right trigger to control the laser power. If you hold down the right trigger eventually if you get to the white at the top your drill will overheat and if that happens you have to like take your hand off the drill and you lose like five or six seconds.

Whether you’re using the laser drill or the regular drill you have to go through four of those different circles. There’s a strategy to doing this the quickest.

Allow the drill to go all the way to the top and then bring it back down at least the indicator. So you start from the bottom you go up to the very top you let it drop almost back down. Go up and down consecutively and this is way quickest than any other method.

It doesn’t seem like it would because you have two or three seconds off period but because you can hold the trigger down for again two to three seconds you’re going to get through those locks very very quickly.

Now the one good thing about the vault drilling is when you’re doing this it’s not timed. So it’s not going to have an impact on the actual money you get or losing money itself you’ll just probably frustrate the rest of your heist crew members if it’s taking longer than necessary. So just get a little bit of practice in here and use that strategy and it will honestly make things incredibly easy.

Now the security panel that one you definitely need practice on but drilling the vault as long as you can understand not to overheat it and you use my method you should be able to tackle this very easily but anyways that’s all the information.

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