How to Hatch Turtle Eggs in Minecraft – Java, Bedrock, PE

Did you know you can hatch the turtle’s eggs in minecraft? After this guide, you will be able to know the process to hatch their eggs and all learn how you can protect the eggs from the zombies.

In the minecraft game, the turtles have laid eggs. You just have to leave them and wait for it. The eggs are weak and the eggs take some days to hatch.

The hatching process is quicker at night. The eggs need protection from the zombies and all their variants. If you are in the desert or near of it, they want to break the turtle eggs so that the zombie villagers husks. So you have to light this up in order to protect the eggs.

You can also put the fences around each egg.

Zombies will try to walk on the eggs to break them, so in order to protect the eggs from them you can also put the block above the eggs.

You can also move the eggs through silk touch tools. It can be any tool that has a silk touch. 

Now you have to collect the eggs and go back to the base. There you can hatch the eggs safely.

You have to place the eggs on sand. The sand could be ordinary or red. Now just put the eggs down. You can place the eggs in one block or in separate blocks if you want, but you can only put four eggs per block. 

Now to protect the eggs, you will need to place the fences around them. You can also put a block over them but it’s not compulsory. If you are waiting for eggs to survive in afk, just make sure you put a block over yourself too .It will protect you from the phantom spawning.

The turtles always return to their home beach block to lay eggs. You can make them adult by feeding your baby turtles the seagrass and wait for some time. 

The turtle babies can suffocate on soul sand because they will be totally within the space of the blocks. So don’t put the soul sand near them. 

By getting five shoots of turtles, you can make a turtle sheet helmet. 

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