How To Help Pirate’s Wife In Stardew Valley 1.5

Pirate’s Wife is a non playing character located on the ginger island. This detailed guide will let you know how to help the Pirate’s Wife in getting the locket of her husband.

Go to the ginger island and reach the left end. You will find the pirate’s wife near the river. Start a conversation with her and she will give you a war memento.

There will be a blur photo of a soldier on it, take this war memento to Kent. He will tell you about this soldier and will give you gourmet tomato salt for this.

Bring this gourmet tomato salt to Gus and he will exchange this with a stardew valley rose.

Take the stardew valley rose and make your way to Sandy. Give her the rose and she will be very happy for that. Sandy will give you the advanced TV remote.

Now you need to go to the house of George. He will take the advanced TV remote and give you an arctic shard for this.

Take the arctic shard and move to the wizard. He will provide you with the Wriggling worm.

Now you will be able to get the Pirate’s locket. Go to Willy and give him the Wriggling worm. Willy will exchange Pirate’s locket with Wriggling worm.

Return back to the Pirate’s wife and bring the locket to her. She will be very happy and will teach you the method to craft Fairy Dust as a reward.

You will be able to craft Fairy Dust with a fairy rose and a diamond.

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