How to Hide Hours Played on Steam Games & Make Private

This guide will tell you how to hide hours played on Steam Games & make it private. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to do so. 

On the Steam home page, you need to tap over to your player’s profile tab and select the profile option from the menu. A new window will open, so you need to click the Edit Profile button on the right side of the screen. 

From the left menu, you need to go to privacy settings, and you have to click on the Game Detail option. If you change your game details to public or friends only, you have to check the box for “always keep my total playtime private”. If you change the settings to private, no one can see the games you are playing, and you will appear online to them even if you are playing a game.

When your friend list is open, it will appear on the left side of the screen while you are playing the game.

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