How To Hit Home Runs In Baseball 9

In this guide, you will learn how to hit the home runs in Baseball 9. You will need to increase the power and skill level of your player to hit the home run.

Firstly, you will have to upgrade your players to hit the home run. You will need to focus more on power and the batter’s eye.

Once you have upgraded your power and batter’s eye, you will need to go to the Skills option. You can select any of these options as they reward your players with different skills and increase their power in the game. Different options offer different power packs for your player.

You can buy Accessories for your player as well. You can buy either necklace, chains, or bracelets as all of them provide power to your player.

The curveball sliders are challenging to hit for home runs; however, you can hit them. You can see the life of the player as well. That is to what extent he can hit the ball for the home run.

Sometimes the first home run might not work, so you will have to wait for the second or third innings, or sometimes the relievers have to come in as it depends on how good their pitcher is. The batter’s eye will help you to locate the pitches. It increases the power of your swing. That is why a batter’s eye is highly recommended for you to have up your sleeves.

If you still cannot hit the home runs despite having a lot of power and a lot of batter’s eye, it could be your timing. You need to time the ball to perfection to make it go for the home run and not miss the target.

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