How to Increase Map Score Points in Free Fire

This guide will let you know how to increase the Map Score points in Free Fire. With the help of these simple tricks, you can easily increase your points in the game. 

Table of Contents

    Following are three tricks from which you can easily increase the map score points in Free Fire.  

    Trick 1 

    While jumping from the plane, you have to choose the place to land that has no enemy, and also, you can loot easily. After that, you have to find a place to run for 3 to 4 minutes because if you kill the enemies or survive the game; you cannot increase your rank point. 

    To increase it, you have to loot first and then find a place to run. You don’t need any specific track or place to run; you can run anywhere on the map. If you don’t know such a place, you have to do it within any map’s boundaries to do the loot and increase your rank.   

    Trick 2

    For this trick, you have to land on the place where you find a lot of loot with fewer enemies. If you are playing duo or squad, you have to ask your teammates to go near the red barrel and blast it to give them the damage. 

    After that, you have to revive them to get the points from giving them the damage and get the teammates reviving points in the game.

    Trick 3 

    For this trick, you will need to play a match where most players are just bots or players with a low skill level because you can increase the points quickly and very easily. To do so, you have to add a low-level skill friend to your team, which can help you bring 90 percent of the low-level players in the same lobby, and you can use this trick in a duo or squad; it’s up to you.  

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