How to Increase Your Birthrate And Get More Villagers In Farthest Frontier

In this guide, you will learn how to increase your Birthrate and get more Villagers in Farthest Frontier.

One way to do so is that villagers sometimes show up at your village and you just accept and bring them in.

But sometimes villagers just migrate one at a time. And if you want to get your assistants to breed more and produce children, then you have to create a lot of space and houses and it does not matter if the houses are empty.

To produce children, you need houses that can house two citizens who have to be young and fertile to move in.

Now as you click all your houses and you’re still seeing these houses fill up then that means there are not enough houses for new citizens to move into and make babies.

Because they would not make babies in the same house as mommy and daddy while sharing it with some random person.

So to get more villagers, you need a lot of houses as large numbers of houses are better than fewer houses.

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