How to Install a Crusader Kings 3 Mod (Manually)

This guide will let you know how to install the Mods (Manually) in the Crusader Kings 3. You have the steps in this guide to install the mods. 

You can install the Mods (Manually) in the Crusader Kings 3 very easily. This method doesn’t work if you are playing the game on Steam. All you need to do is download the mod from the forum, which you want to put manually into the game.

Table of Contents

    Step 1

    You will need to extract the downloaded mod. You can use many softwares to extract the zip files, i.e., WinRAR or 7-zip. After extracting the files, you will have the mod folder and the .mod file. You need to copy them.

    Step 2

    Afterwards, go to the File Explorer, and come to the Documents. Open up the Paradox Interactive folder, and navigate to the Crusader Kings 3 folder. Don’t go to the folder where you downloaded the game. You have to create a New Folder there and name it mod. Then open the mod folder and paste the copied file and folder into it.

    Step 3

    Furthermore, to make them work in the game, you need to run the game launcher. If you scroll down, there’s an option where you can add the mods, but it is not recommended. 

    Step 4

    All you need to do is add up a new playset and name the playset. Further, click on the Add Mods option.

    Step 5

    Now you can see the mod which you have downloaded there. Then select it and click on the Add To Playset at the bottom on the left side. Now you are done adding the mod into the game. Afterward, select the playset, and then you can play the game.

    In this way, you can install the Mods (Manually) in the Crusader Kings 3.

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