How To Install Coffin Dance Mod In GTA 5 ?

COFFIN DANCE is really a fun modification for the GTA 5 game. This mod is designed on a popular coffin dance meme where some men dance while holding the coffin on their shoulders.

  • Open the following link and download the zip file.

  • After that, open the following link and download the zip file.

  • Open the Grand Theft Auto V directory, create the scripts folder if it’s not there.

  • And then open the CoffinDance downloaded folder.

  • Copy the “dancaDuCaixao script files” folder and dancaDuCaixao.ndll file from the folder.

  • Paste the copied file into the newly created scripts folder.

  • After that, you will need to open the marked downloaded folder.

  • Double click on the “Setup package” file.

  • After that, click on Install.

  • Then you have to click on “Game folder”.

  • After that, tap on Confirm installation to install.

  • As the installation gets completed, you have to hit Close.

  • Launch the game, explore and enjoy.

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