How to Install .DAI Mods Dragon Age Inquisition

This guide explains how you can install .DAI mods in the Dragon Age Inquisition. Go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions to install .DAI mods in Dragon Age Inquisition.

The first thing you will need to do is find where your DAI game is located, as mostly your game will be available in the origins folder. You will need to go to the Origin Games and then to the Dragon Age Inquisition folder. 

Now in the next step, you are supposed to make a folder on your computer, and you can make it anywhere as it is not necessary to make it in the game directory folder. Make a new folder somewhere and name it as DAI Modeling folder.

Now open this folder and create a folder within this folder and name it as Dai Mods. Make another folder and name it as DAI Mods, not in use. Create a third folder with the name DAI Mods Empty.

You need to have a program like 7zip or WinRar that will open your .zip files. After that, you will need to go to the Nexus mod website and find DAI Tool Suite Loader. You can also find it in the link given below. Then click on the Manual button to download.

Once your file gets downloaded, you will need to go to the downloads folder and unzip it using any program like 7zip or WinRAR. Now you have to make a DAI Mod Manager folder in the DAI Modeling folder

Unzip the DAI Tool Suite Loader and copy its files in the DAI Mod Manager. Now you have to double click on the DaiToolSuite_Loader.exe file. Then click on the Mod Manager and the 64 bits option and then select Download All.

Now you have to navigate to the tools folder in the DAI Mod Manager folder. Open it and keep clicking the folders until you find the DAI Mod Manager.exe file. Now you will need to open up the .exe file. 

Your .exe file will be located in the folder where your Dragon Age Inquisition file is installed. Once you find both the files, exit the mod manager and move to the installation of mods. Find any mod of your choice from, and then download it manually.

Now you have to go to the folder where your mod is installed and you will find the file with the extension .dai. Once you find that file, you will need to drag and drop it into the DAI Mod folder. 

You have to reopen your file manager, and you will find that file in the Mod Manager folder. You will see a merge button at the bottom; just press it.

Once you see that everything is working well and your game is perfectly modded, you can install more mods. To uninstall a mod, you have to move it from the mod folder and paste it in the DAI mod, not the use folder. 

When you need to remove all the mods, you can place them in the DAI Mods Empty folder and will Merge the folder. Once you have successfully merged your mods using the mod manager, you don’t need to press the mod button again unless you are downloading a new mod.

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