How To Install Designer House Mod In GTA 5 ?

The Designer House (House Mods) brings many new features and interiors to the house. It adds a kitchen, heli pad, living room, bathroom, chilling room and much more.

  • Open the following link and click on Download.

  • After that, you will need to open the downloaded folder.

  • Then you have to open the Grand Theft Auto V directory and copy the update folder.

  • Paste the copied folder in the mods folder.

  • Open the pasted folder.

  • And then open up the x64 folder.

  • Open the “dlcpacks” folder.

  • Copy the designer_house folder.

  • Paste the copied folder in the scripts folder.

  • Launch OpenIV, follow the path and click on the (Show in “mods” folder).

  • Follow the path.

  • Right click on the dlclist.xml file and then navigate to Edit.

  • Copy the marked text

  • Paste it just underneath and change the name to designer house.

  • Launch the game, explore and enjoy.

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