How to Install FTPD Wireless Transfer On A Switch

In this guide, you will find how to Install/Use FTPD Wireless Transfer On A Switch.


First, you’ll need atmosphere custom firmware and a tesla menu on your Nintendo switch.

Download FTP Pro

1- Click on the following link this will take you to the download page of FTP Pro on the Github site.

2- Once you reach this site, come under assets and click on the FTPD classic.nro to download the file.

3- Once the download completes, open the downloaded folder, copy all the folder in it and then paste it into your SD card.

Download FTP

1- Now you have to open your browser, and then write download FileZilla. Click on the first link, and download FileZilla.

2- Once the download completes then, boot up your switch. Then press the home button on it and click on the last button o the left side. Now at the top right corner of your Switch screen, you can see your IP address.

3- After that, open the FTP, and enter the host address that you just copied from the switch at the top of the window. Make sure that the port is set to Get, and then press the connect button.

4- Then, it will bring you to the root of your switch on the right-hand side.