How To Install Gameconfig For Limitless Vehicles Mod In GTA 5

Gameconfig (1.0.1868.0) for Limitless Vehicles (2020) allows you to store a wide range of vehicles and it also adds different traffic modes into the game. Three traffic modes are less, medium and heavy. You can also config your vehicles in this mod.

  • Open the link below and download the mod file.

  • Open the following link and download the Heap Limit Adjuster 600 Mb of Heap file.

  • Open the link below and download the Packfile Limit Adjuster file.

  • Here are all the downloaded files.

  • Open the PackfileLimitAdjuster folder.

  • Copy the files except ReadMe and paste them into the Grand Theft Auto V directory.


  • Open the GTAV.HeapAdjuster folder.

  • Copy the GTAV.HeapAdjuster folder.

  • Paste the copied folder into the Grand Theft Auto V directory.

  • After that, open the GTAV Config v20.0 folder.

  • Again open the GTAV Config v 1.0.1868.0 folder.

  • Open the 0, 1x traffic o,1x peds folder.

  • Copy the file from the gameconfig folder.

  • Open OpenIV, follow the directory, select update.rpf and lastly click on (Show in “mods” folder).

  • After that, follow the address and lastly open the data folder.

  • Paste the copied gameconfig.xml file into the data folder. That’s it explore and enjoy the game.

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