How To Install GTA5korn Car Pack (48 Cars) Mod In GTA 5

The Gta5KoRn Car Pack (48 cars) (2019) mod will add new vehicles in the GTA 5 game. These cars include Bugatti Chiron Sport, Hennessey Camaro Exorcist ZL1 incl ‘Forgeline GA1R OPEN LUG CAP’ Wheel, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (from Fast & Furious 8), Mercedes-Amg CLS 63 S and many more.

  • Before the installation of this mod make sure that these programs are installed in the system.
  1. Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles.
  2. Heap Limit Adjuster.
  3. Packfile Limit Adjuster.
  • Then open the link below and download the Gra5KoRn Car Pack mod file.

  • Here is the Gta5KoRn_Car_Pack_40_48_car downloaded file.

  • Open the Grand Theft Auto V directory and create the mods folder, if it’s not there.

  • After that, open the Gta5KoRn_Car_Pack_40_48_car folder.

  • Now you have to open the Add-On OIV folder.

  • Select the file, drag and drop it on the OpenIV running program.

  • After that, click on Install.

  • Click on (“mods” folder).

  • After that, click on Confirm installation to install.

  • That’s it launch the game, spawn the car through simple trainer, explore and enjoy the game.

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