How To Install Highfield Mansion [ Add-On Ymap ] Mod In GTA 5 ?

Highfield Mansion [ ADD-ON YMAP ] reworked the entrance and added new bikes and vegetation on the roads. It replaces the old plane with Luxor.

  • Before the installation of this mod, make sure to install the following programs first.
  1. OpenIV
  2. Map Builder
  3. Me2ym (Custom Maps)
  4. Map Editor.
  • Open the link below and download the Highfield Mansion.

  • Then you need to open the Highfield Mansion folder.

  • Launch OpenIV, follow the path and open up the citye folder.

  • And then open up the maps folder.

  • Open the custom_maps.rpf archive.

  • Copy the files from the downloaded folder except Instructions and Vehicules hight, then paste them in the opened location in Open IV.

  • Copy the vehiclules hight file from the Grand Theft Auto V directory.

  • Paste it in the Grand Theft Auto V directory.

  • Launch the game, explore and enjoy.

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