How To Install New Back To The Future V Mod In GTA 5 ?

NEW Back To The Future V (2020) is a modification for GTA 5 game. It allows you to time travel using the time machine. This mod also brings new 3D sounds, animated interiors and exteriors into the game.

  • Before the installation of these mods, you need to install these programs.
  1. ScriptHookVDotNet
  2. ScriptHookV
  3. OpenIV
  4. Gameconfig
  5. NativeUI
  • After that, open the link below and Back to the Future Download.

  • And then, open the BTTFV downloaded folder.

  • Open the BttfV_19_07_20 file.

  • Click on Install.

  • After that, click on the (“mods” folder).

  • First make sure to create the mods folder in the Grand Theft Auto V directory (if it’s not these) and then click on Confirm installation to install.

  • Launch the game, press Ctrl+F8 to open the Back to Future Menu. Explore and enjoy the game.


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