How To Install Real Life Mods(Clothing Mod) In GTA 5

The REAL LIFE MODS (CLOTHING MOD) will bring new clothes into the game. You will be able to wear a bomber jacket on your character.

  • Open the following link and click on Download.

  • Download the OpenIV software and install it in your pc as this is required in installation of mod.

  • OpenIV software and create a mods folder if it’s not there.

  • Open the downloaded mod folder.

  • As you open the GUCCI BOMBER JACKET – Franklin folder, open the readme file as this will help in ease of installation.

  • Now first open the OpenIV program, look for x64v.rpf in the directory and click on it.

  • Click on Copy to the “mod” folder.

  • The file is copied into the mods folder.

  • Now, move to the location below.

  • Click on Edit mode

  • After move onto the GUCCI BOMBER JACKET – Franklin folder, locate the files below, select with the cursor and drag them into “player_one” on OpenIV program.

  • Load into the game, the jacket can be found from the wardrobe or you can put it on by using a simple trainer. Enjoy the game.


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