How To Install Real Shaders In PojavLauncher

This guide will let you know how to install real shaders in Pojav Launcher in Minecraft Java edition on Android. 

First, you have to search pojavLauncher in your browser, then follow all steps shown in this guide. Open your browser to search pojavLauncher and select the first GitHub result.

Tap the three lines at the top right corner. 

After that, you will need to tap Sign in or Sign up to make a account. And then tap on actions. 

Go down a bit and then click on the branch. 

Scroll down until you find the osmea-dev-tests branch and select it. 

You have to choose the latest available action from the top. 

At the very bottom, select the file (make sure you are signed in before doing this).

Make sure the zip file is downloaded. Now go to Google Play and search for file manager. Select the file manager provided by the file manager plus and install it.

After that, you have to allow the permission and tap downloads.

Then tap on the zip file you have downloaded and choose open with the “Archive Viewer”.  

You can tap just once or always. You should see the tap app-debug.apk file, tap on it and allow unknown sources to install Pojav Launcher.

Allow permission to Pojav Launcher. Type in any username that you like. After that, tap both boxes below the password and log in. 

At the bottom right corner, you will need to tap settings and then click “Renderer”.  

Select the option that says “zink vulkan” and move the memory allocation slider until you have allocated 2048 MBs or more. 

After that, you will need to tap on JVM launch arguments. Delete all the text, copy and paste the JVM launch argument from this link “”. 

Tap done and then OK once you have passed it. Now you will need to choose any Minecraft version to start-up once, then quit the game. It is to verify the game loads after you modified the settings. You can choose any version to start the game once, then quit the game. Tap Play, and quit the game.

Now it’s time to find the shader to install. Currently, only the Nostalgia Shader will work on Adreno GPUs and any other GPUs such as Mali. It can support more shaders like chocapic, seus, silders etc.  

Remember the Minecraft version your shader requires, then tap download and make sure the shader is downloaded. Next, you will need to search optifine in the browser and select the first result.   

Tap on the “Downloads” tab and find the optifine version for the same Minecraft version your shader requires. 

Tap mirror to download optifine without ads.

The optifine jar file is safe. Make sure the optifine file is downloaded and go back to Pojav Launcher. Tap on options at the bottom and tap “Launch a mod installer” (first option). 

After that, you will need to locate your optifine, then tap on it. When you see a white box, tap the red cross at the top right corner and click on install. It should get successfully installed. 

However, if you get this error message:

Then start the Minecraft version your optifine version requires once, then quit the game. Tap “FORCE CLOSE” at the top right corner.

After that, you will need to click on the version list and select the optifine version you just installed. Then tap Play to make sure the optifine is working.

You should see the word modded at the bottom, then quit the game. Then go back to the file manager you downloaded earlier and tap on Downloads. Press and hold on to the shader you downloaded, then tap move at the bottom. 

On the home page, you have to tap main storage. Find and open the games folder, then select PojavLauncher. 

Click the three dots at the top right corner and tap on view. At the bottom, you have to enable the option that says “show the hidden files”. 

After that, open up the .minecraft folder and tap shader packs. Then tap paste at the bottom right. You will find your shader in this folder. 

Now you will need to go back to PojavLauncher. Make sure your optifine version is selected, then tap Play. 

Tap options > video settings > shaders. 

Finally, you have to click on your shader name to activate it and tap three times. Create a world to check the working of the shader. 

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