How to Install the Cargo Plane Mod – GTA 5

In this guide, you will come to know how to install the Cargo Plane Mod in GTA 5. You will need to follow the steps in this guide to download and install this mod. 

The first thing you will need to do is download the mod from the link below:

After downloading the file now, you have to extract it. Open up the extracted folder, navigate to the Install folder, and then the scripts folder. You will need to copy all three files, as shown in the below image. 

Now you have to go to the GTA 5 folder and find the script folder, then paste those files in this folder. Now, it will be successfully installed in your game.

The next thing you have to do is open the game and make your way to the airport. Now you have to press the shift+C button simultaneously to open the Cargo Plane Mod menu. 

The first option will be Spawn a Cargo Plane, you can tap it to load the cargo plane, and then you have to place it in the right place by pressing the F9 button.

If you want to exit the cargo plane, then you will need to press the F button. After that, you will be in the cockpit of the plane.

Entering into this hole, and you will reach into the cargo deck of the plane, and by pushing the button, the plane’s nose will be open, as shown in the image below. 

Now you have to go to the cargo plane mod options and find Release/Raise Ramp there. By pressing this option, you can open the ramp used to load and unload the cars.

Now you have to load the cars. First, you have to get in the car, drive through the ramp you opened earlier, and then park the car.

After parking the car, you have to go to the mod option and then go for the Attach Vehicle option, and there you will find out how many cars can be attached to the cargo plane. 

Now you have to press the slot option, which will attach the car in the slot as shown in the image below. 

After attaching the first car, you have to drive the second car into the plane and do the same as previous. The second car will also attach to the slot, as shown in the image below. 

You can attach any vehicle in any slot in the cargo plane. Now you have to press the F9 button, and then you have to right-click on the car, and the new menu window will appear on your screen.  

In the menu, you have to select the option Entity in the database because if the cars are not stored in the database, they will disappear when you restart the game.

When you want to unload the car, you will need to go to the plane mod and then go to the Attach and Detach Vehicle option. From there, you have to press the slot in which the car is parked, and then the car will be detached from the slot.

After that, you have to get in the car and drive out from the plane.  

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