How to Install the Minimap in Minecraft Pocket Edition

This guide will let you know how to install the Minimap in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is worth knowing the steps to get it in Minecraft PE.

You can add the Mini Map in the Minecraft Pocket Edition very easily in no time. You can go anywhere with the help of the mini-map on the screen; you can see the minimap on the Minecraft PE screen in the image below.

Step 1

Now, go to the PlayStore, search for the “tool box, “ and click on the Install option. After installing the application, you have to open it up. 

Wait until the download completes; it only supports version of Minecraft PE. 

Step 2

After installing the application, open it up. Then the application gets automatically closed after the interface in the image below.

Step 3

Open the application, and go to your Minecraft directly from there. Now, you will have the toolbox icon on your screen and then click on Play. There, you have to choose the External as File Storage Location, then click on Apply.

Step 4

After selecting the world, you will enter into the game and have the minimap on your screen.

You also get many more features in the toolbox. 

Step 5

You can turn off the mini-map. To turn it off, you will come to the Render option and click on MiniMap to turn it off. Now you will not see it on your screen. You can even increase or decrease its size; you can adjust its size according to you.

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