How to Install the Whitty Mod – Friday Night Funkin’

This guide explains how you can install the Whitty mod for the Friday Night Funkin game. You need to search “Whitty mod” on google and download its zip file. The complete method is discussed in detail below.

The first step you will need to take is to go to google and type Whitty mode.

Click on the first link that appears in front of you, and it will most probably be this link Click this link, and it will direct you to this page.

Scroll down to the Files option and then click on the Manual Download button.

It will take you to another page, and on this page, you have to click on the Download button.

The whitty mod .zip file will be downloaded to your downloads folder. Extract all the files from this zip folder, and you will find all of these folders in the extracted folder.

Now click on the VSWhitty application file.

Once you click on the VSWhitty, then it will start the Whitty Mod.

In this way, you will install the Whitty Mod easily in the Friday Night Funkin game.

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