How To Install vMenu v3.1.3 – FiveM Mod In GTA 5 ?

The vMenu v3.1.3 – FiveM (2020) mod allows you to open the graphic settings of the game and change them according to your need. This guide will let you know how to download the vMenu v3.1.3 – FiveM (2020) in GTA 5.

  • The first thing you have to do is to open the link below and download FiveM.

  • Open the following link and download the vMenu zip file.

  • And then you will need to copy the vMenu-v3.1.3 downloaded folder.

  • Open the FiveM folder and then open the “resources” folder.

  • Paste the copied folder in the resources folder.

  • After that, you will have to open the vMenu folder that is copied in the resources folder.

  • Open up the server file.

  • Press enter twice to add the space before the copied text.

  • Write “exec permissions.cfg” text in the server file.

  • Add “ensure vMenu” under “ensure 139 math” and then save the file.

  • After that, navigate to the path and copy the permissions file.

  • Paste the copied file in the Server’s resources folder.

  • Launch the game, press M to open the Games Graphics menu, explore and enjoy the game.

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