How to Join Jobs With Friends in GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how to join jobs with friends in GTA 5 Online. You will also learn how to send an invite to different people and host a private job in a game.

Step 1

First, you will need to press the options button from your controller, navigate to the Online tab, and select the Job option. You have to choose the Play Job option, and tap on the Recently Played jobs option or Rockstar Created jobs option, as shown in the image below.  

Step 2

Then you have to select the survival missions section, choose the Boneyard mission, and press the Square button to bookmark it. After that, you will need to go back to the Jobs option and select the bookmarked option.

From there, you have to find the job you just bookmarked and then launch this job, as shown in the image below.  

Step 3

When you select and launch the job from your bookmark, you will be the host of the job and the lobby leader. Once the job starts, you have to select the settings for the job and then press the Confirm button. 

You will need to go to the Invite section, select the friend’s option and then send them the invite by tapping on the Friends Playing GTA 5 option, as shown in the image below.    

If you want your friends to join, you have to make sure that your Matchmaking option is open. 

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