How to Join the Mafia in Bitlife!

This guide explains how you can join the mafia in Bitlife. There are some age limits to get a license and to perform some organized crimes. Complete details are discussed in the guide below.

When you are eight years old, the first thing you will need to do is go to the Crime option. This interface will appear in front of you.

Here, you have to commit some crimes, but you can easily escape if you get caught. A message will appear on your screen once you escape. 

If you don’t want to escape, you can come out of prison after one year of your age; if let’s say, you were prisoned at the age of 8, you will automatically get out of the prison at the age of 9. 

Once you get to 14 years of age, you will get your first grand theft auto. But you will get your license when you turn 16, and you have to be in the USA to get the license,or else you will have to wait a bit more.

When you get old enough to commit some big crimes, you need to do a Bank robbery or Murder crime.

Once you have done all such crimes as murder and robbery, you can proceed to Organized Crimes. 

From here, you can select the Yakuza mission and then can choose the Wash Cars mission.

In this way, you will be able to join the mafia in Bitlife easily.

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