How To Keep Your Villagers From Despawning In Minecraft 1.16 ?

In this guide, you will get to know the reasons for villagers despawning and how to protect them from despawning.

In the Minecraft game, the villagers keep despawning because they are very cramped up or in the area where you will find them all together. Actually, this is not despawning. The villagers never despawn in Minecraft; there’s only a glitch.  

You can stop it by creating separate rooms for your villagers. There should be one villager in a room.

When you place their bed in a room, you must leave two open spaces next to their bed or at least one at the bottom or to another side of the bed. You might put the work block in any corner of the room. You can put whatever you want to decorate their room.

If you leave a space in their room, then the baby zombies might kill them.

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