How to Kill Campers Flying in Chapter 9 – City (Roblox Piggy)

In this guide, you will learn how to kill campers flying in Chapter 9 – City in the Roblox Piggy game. 

You can do this glitch as soon as you spawn in.  

After that, jump off the building, and you don’t fall. A lot of people glitch here.

If you want to go down, go here.

If you are here, you can jump down here to kill the campers. 

If you start to chase this guy, he may vanish suddenly.

You will need to go to the bottom of one of the ramps. 

And then type in /e dance2 in the chat. 

Let go of any movement and then jump (to push you from the wall). 

After that, open the chat quickly and enter to dance. At this part of the dance, you will need to zoom in. You don’t need to zoom in the first time the dance does this; you can wait until the dance loops.

You can put the camera near your avatar for mobile, so you only need to zoom in a small bit.

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