How to Kill Campers Glitching in Chapter 7 -Roblox Piggy

This guide will let you know how to kill campers glitching on the stairs in Chapter 7 – Metro in Roblox Piggy. 

There are tons of people glitch on the stairs. You have to find a way to get this train working.

Glitching there as piggy is like the glitch on the stairs in the outpost. You may not find anyone to kill, but it works for killing people. 

You can let yourself infected to become piggy. 

Have a look at it Step by Step:

First, you will need to walk into the wall on the top of the stairs.

After that, type /e laugh in the chat but don’t press enter. 

Hold the direction of the wall, let go of any movement, and press jump. Then open the chat as fast as you can, press enter to laugh. 

At the back of the laugh, you have to zoom in.

Your head will be stuck in the wall.

After that, zoom in and move the camera slightly to the right. 

If you do it on the other side, move the camera slightly to the left. That’s about it.

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