How to Kill Campers Glitching on the Wavy Thing outside Chapter 10

This guide will let you know how to kill campers glitching on the wavy thing outside chapter 10 – Mall in Roblox Piggy. 

If you want to see how to kill campers glitching in other places in the mall, then click the “I” card in the top right corner.

It also shows how to get up there as a player near the end of instructions. You can use this glitch to surprise people glitching outside the map.

There is a bit of flashing. The people glitching outside might not notice you.

You can just drop on them to easily kill them. This looks good as a thumbnail.

Go to this vending machine to do it.

You will need to hold the direction of the corner, then zoom in.

You should teleport behind the vending machine.

When you are here, hold upright and then zoom in. If you did it correctly, you should teleport here.

To get out, zoom in then slightly turn left or right. If you do it too much, you might fall off.

It’s much easier to get up there as a player.

You can’t jump up here, you have to do the turn around jump technique thing.

To do it, jump on the pole looking the other way.

Hold Forward then if your avatar turns to the left like this, you should be able to reach the top.

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