How to Kill Glitchers Camping in Chapter 8 – Roblox Piggy Glitches

This guide will teach you how to kill glitchers camping in Chapter 8 – Carnival in the Roblox Piggy game. 

The “corner clip” glitch is used in this guide. It’s a bit different for piggy. You have to prevent the people from getting the red key. 

You also have to memorize the spawn places of the green key. 

You have to corner clip on the other side to get in. 

Here from this corner.

You can do normal things like the red key is open. If you want to get back, jump off here. 

Have a look At It Step by Step:

Walk into the corner and hold the direction of the corner (don’t stop moving).

When the piggy stops moving and the head is not tilted forward, zoom in, and you should teleport inside. 

Note that the glitch does not work all the time. There is a chance that you get stuck under the ground.

If you do, quickly move the direction away from the corner, and you might teleport back. That’s the glitch.

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