How To Kill Regulators In Cyberika: Cyberpunk Rpg

This brief guide will let you know how to kill Regulators & Get a Skiptown Card, Break into Archive Mission in Cyberika RPG.

First, you will need to go to the apartment and contact the shadow.

Kill the regulator in the checkpoint and take a pass. Take some good weapons to fight against them.

With this skip town card, you can go to hood, vice place etc.

Then talk to swampy.

Now the archive mission is one of the hardest, you have to take good weapons, healings. You may use MVP 10 dmg, baseball 25. Healings, buffs, and armor.

Don’t go this side, there is a locker inside, no need to waste guns + healings killing extra enemies.

If you have a shotgun, you can use it on a group of enemies and you can use a shield.

Avoid this enemy, no need to kill him.

And this one too.

Because you have to go straight, there is a room with a locker. You can get some items but waste of guns and healings.

In this room, you just have to kill these two to save your resources.

You can avoid these two enemies too. But be Careful, scam buster can deal 50 damage.


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