How to Kill the Exploiter Orb in Warframe

This guide will let you know how to kill the Exploiter Orb in Warframe. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to kill the orb. 

Before you go and fight the Exploiter Orb, you will need to make sure you have diluted Thermia or someone in your squad has diluted thermia as you need it to start the fight with the exploiter. You can get diluted thermia by sealing thermia fractures during the Thermia fracture event on Fortuna every so often. 

To start, you have to head to deck 12, which you can find here on the map by going into this cave.

When the fight starts, the exploiter will climb down from the roof and sit on the wall. You have to shoot two pillars/stones that the exploiter is standing on underneath her feet to make her fall and start the fight.

To take out the rest of the vents, you have to thaw them out then shoot and destroy them: To do that, Thermia canisters will spawn around the area; you have to pick them up and throw them at the vents and shoot them while they’re in the air near the vents to thaw the ice off. Once enough ice has come off, you’ll be able to damage and destroy the vents.

Once you’ve taken out all her vents, the exploiter will retreat to the surface, where you will kill her.

Once you are outside, a bar will appear, indicating the exploiter orb’s heat level. You have to get that bar maxed out, as once the bar makes out, the exploiter will fall, and you can jump on her and expose the vents on her head, allowing you to damage her.

Now the bar will gradually rise over time; however, you will need to constantly look around and guard the orb as coolant raknoids will spawn in. If they get too close to the orb, they will start to cool it down, making the bar regress more and more, so make sure you keep an eye out and kill the raknoids before they get too close.

Also, throughout the fight, the orb will cause thermia fractures to pop up out of the ground, and you can take coolant canisters from dead coolant raknoids and put them in the fractures. It will turn the canisters into thermia canisters which you can then take and throw at the exploiter ORB to make her bar fill up/Heat up faster.

After you’ve done that for the first time, you are more or less going to be doing the same thing repeatedly until you finally kill the exploiter orb.

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