How to kill The Profit Taker Orb in Warframe

This guide will let you know how to kill the Profit Taker Orb in Warframe. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to kill him. 

Before heading out into the fight, it is recommended that you have multiple elements available as you will need to be able to do different types of elemental damage to drop the profit-takers shield quicker.

At the start of the fight, the profit-taker will have its shield up, which you have to get rid of by damaging it with a certain element. You will see a green symbol indicating which element you need to damage the profit-taker with on the profit-taker’s head. 

If an element pops up on its head and you don’t have that element, you’re going to have to wait until the element changes to one that you do have. You can also go into your operator mode and damage her with your AMP to get her to change elements if you need to.

Once the shields are down on the ORB, you have to use your arch gun to attack/kill all 4 of her legs, then she’ll fall, and you can shoot her head to deal actual damage to her. You have to repeat this part repeatedly until you get to the last part of the fight.

After you’ve downed her and her shields enough times, the last phase of the fight will start. It’s almost like what you’ve been doing before with dropping her shields and attacking her with your arch gun. You’ll only have 5 minutes to drop her shields and down her for the last time and kill her. Once she’s dead, she’ll drop the loot underneath her; then, she will explode, so once you’ve got the loot from her, you need to get far away from her.

And that’s pretty much the whole fight.

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