How to Kill Your Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos in Warframe

This guide will let you know how to kill your Kuva lich or Sister of Parvos in Warframe. 

Before anything, you’re going to have a Lich, either a corpus or grineer one.  

Once you have your Lich, you will need to start off by first heading to your arsenal and going to your parazon and equipping a random order of 3 req mods. It doesn’t matter what order you have the mods in as you will eventually change them as you progress your Lich.

You can get requiem mods by cracking req relics in requiem fissure missions which you can find on the kuva fortress modes. The reason it doesn’t matter what order you put the mods in at the start, is because eventually, you’ll have the req mods you need revealed to you as you progress with fighting your lich, so eventually you’ll know what mods you need to kill your Lich.

Once you’ve arranged and have some req mods, you have to go to the planet that your Lich is on. You can tell because the planet will have red or blue nodes depending on if you have a corpus or grineer Lich. And you’re going to run the high level “Lich Version’ of whatever nodes are highlighted.

The main difference in these missions is that you’re going to notice the special enemies that will spawn in the mission and will be highlighted. If you have a grineer Lich, then there will be thralls that spawn, and if you have a sister/corpus then their hound will spawn every so often in the mission. When those enemies spawn, you have to make sure you kill them, execute them with your parazon r to completely kill them.

Now each time you kill a thrall/wound with your parazon, you will get a requiem murmur and a little progress circle will appear showing how close you are to obtaining a full murmur and each time you get a murmur, you will have a mod revealed to you as in a certain order/sequence.

Also, each time you run a mission, your Lich has a chance to spawn in or you can down it and use your parazon on it to guess what mod will be in your sequence/order. If you guess correctly, then you’ll know a mod in the order as well as where that mod goes in the order, however, if you get it wrong then instead you’ll gain progress on your murmur meter and your lich will disappear and move to a different planet, it will also level up so the missions, as well as the lich, will be higher level and harder.

Also, the corpus lich/sister of parvos typically spawn more often than kuva/Grineer lichers as their rage meter goes up faster with each mission you clear and hound/thrall that you kill, also when running sister lich missions you’ll get more murmur progress for hound kills then you would for thrall kills in kuva lich missions and because of that clearing a corpus/sister lich should go faster than clearing a grineer/kuva lich.

once you’ve quessed the correct combination by using your parazon on your lich it will retreat to a certain Proxima/railjack mission that your going to have to run and in that mission, you will be able to choose between fully killing your lich/vanquishing it or converting it.

Once you’ve downed your lich for the last time, you’re going to get a choice between either vanquishing it or converting it, if you vanquish it then you will get your lich’s weapon as well its ephemera but if your convert your lich then it will stay in your inventory but you will not get its weapon however you will be able to trade it with other players if you choose to otherwise it will just spawn in your mission if you need help or are dying frequently (You’ll still get your liches ephemera if it has one whether you convert it or vanquish it.

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