How To Level Up Fast In Anime Fighting Simulator

This guide will let you know how to level up fast in Anime Fighting Simulator.
You can use the OP Auto clicker, open this up and set the values 00000 to “milliseconds” and 999999 in “times”. Bring it down and press F6; your character will start punching and kicking, increasing physical strength.

Redeem all the codes, and you will get shards. You can use these shards to purchase champions; they will boost your durability and strength.

After that, you will need to go to the training area. You will find a map there; follow the locations on the map to improve different stats. The red colour is for strength, blue for durability, purple for chikara, and yellow for speed or agility.

There are also training maps in all the dimensions. Make your way to dimension three and follow the locations on the map to level up your characters.

After that, you will need to equip a sword and fly up to the durability spot. You can increase your sword skill and durability there.

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