How to Level up Fast in Dungeon Quest

In this guide, you will get to know the fastest way to level up in a Dungeon Quest!

You have to join a Dungeon or create a Dungeon, you can pick any map. It will be the desert temple map in this guide. Then there is a button where it says wave defence, click on that. (the higher or more players you have, the more exp you will earn!).  

You can pick any mode if you want. Pick easy or medium as you like to.

Tons of zombies will appear and try to get your strongest weapon and attack.

If you have a weapon that instantly kills the NPC’S, you will not struggle in this method. Also try to have a power that heals you.  

You earn a pretty decent amount of exp and you could maybe set an auto clicker while you’re asleep if you have a strong weapon that instantly kills the Sand peasant.  

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