How to Level up Fast in Flee the Facility

This guide will let you know how to level up fast in Roblox Flee the City.  

Hack computers, each computer is 50 XP. 

That means if you hack five computers, you can get 250x. That does not mean you lose XP when hacking with someone else, though. 

It gives everyone hacking 50 XP. 

It means it is better to hack together because it’s faster, and you both get XP.

But remember, you only get XP’s if you finish the computers.  

Saving survivors 

It is a hundred XP’s, which is another reason to save survivors.


Escaping has the highest XP’s. It has 300 XPs. 

An average XP each round is 100 XP(2 computers), 100 XP(saving), 300 XP(escaping), which is 500 XP’s each round. You will need around eight rounds to level up.  

And if you are a beast, there is only one way to get XP.

Capture survivors

Each survivor is 100 XP, only if they are frozen fully.  


With the facility VIP game pass, you get 15 % more XP.

It means as a survivor; you will get 575(500+75) average XP.

The beast will get 460 (400+60) XP at best, which is the most XP’s the beast can earn.

(this varies depending on your gameplay).

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