How to Level up Your Dragon in School of Dragons

This guide explains how you can level up your dragon fast and easily in School of Dragons. You need first to exhaust the dragon that you are using, and then you will need to select the other dragon. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to level up your dragon. 

Firstly you will need a large number of chicken eggs, and then you will play with your dragon until he loses all of his energy. You can also exhaust the dragon by chopping down trees; once you chop down the tree, you have to ask the dragon to go and get the logs for you.

When the dragon gets completely exhausted, feed him with chicken eggs. In this way, the dragon will have regained a whole level.

In the next step, complete your battle event normally. Now when your ship gets around 2000 levels of health, you need to go and switch your dragon to the other dragon you are looking to level up. The XPS will be transferred to the dragon which you have furnished. 

Now you have to select the other dragon and wait for him to complete the ship, and the XPS will be shifted to your dragon. In this case, your dragon has got 375 XPs.

Now once your dragon has reached level 5, you will need to go to the hatchery. This message will display on your screen, and you have to click on the Yes button.

Once you click the Yes button, you will find a teenage dragon coming up.

In this way, you can level up your dragon fastly and easily.

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