How To Make 200k+ Per Day! | Bloxburg Orange Farm Guide!

This guide will tell you how you can make more than 200,000 per day in Bloxburg. You will also come to know how to set an orange farm in the fields.

You can make more than 200K each day by building an orange farm. You will need to buy the garden sprinkler.

And then go to option and turn on “Automatically Pay Bills”.

After that, place the garden sprinkler anywhere on the ground. Navigate to “BUILD”, then “All” and get an orange tree.

You will need to place 4 more trees on each side to make a “+” sign, as shown in the image below.

And then place some more trees to cover all four empty sides of this “+” sign.

You have to build multiple of these to make an orange farm. You will get money on every harvest. The oranges harvest after every 2.5 hours.

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