How To Make $5,000,000+ Cash AFK Insanely Fast In Jailbreak

In this guide, we are going to tell you the fastest AFK grinding method in Jailbreak to make $5million.

This grinding method allows you to make up to 10 million cash every day doing nothing. This makes it great for getting cash easily and avoiding grinding a lot. Now then, let’s get right into the guide. To do this AFK grinding method, first join any jailbreak server type.

Make sure you are signed into your main account before starting this.

Once inside Jailbreak, join the police team and make your way out the building.

Next, spawn yourself any vehicle and make your way towards the prison.

You will need an alt account later for this AFK method. But once at the prison, head inside the main area and stand in the yard.


Now, once in the yard exit out of the fullscreen and make the window smaller. This is not required at the time but it will make doing the AFK method much easier.

But next, once smaller, open the windows search bar and look up the microsoft store.

Open the search bar and look up the free roblox program. Next, press the “Install” button and let it finish downloading roblox.

But once you finished, press the blue play button and login to any unused ALT account.

Once in the account, join the exact same server your main account is in. If you’re inside a vip server, add the alt to the server list.

Next, once in Jailbreak with your alt, change any settings and recall your window size. Next, join the prisoner team and head towards your main in the yard.

Now pickpocket your main account then arrest your alt account right after. Now, wait until they are teleported down to their cell in the main prison. Once they get teleported, make your way in the main building to their cell.

Next, once they head in the cell and arrest your alt account after punching you.

Arresting our alt account after getting punched is the way we will be using AFK. But now, wait for your alt accounts cell to open once again while inside. Next, once released, open your search engine and look up “tiny task”. Here is the link to the site.

Next, once there press the green download button and install the program. But once finished, open the new program but don’t start pressing any buttons yet. Instead, practice arresting your alt account without moving your camera angle. You need to be able to punch and arrest your alt account without moving your mouse.

This is because any little movement will break the entire AFK grinding farm.

We suggest spending some time practicing before moving on any further.

But once ready to move on, first open the tiny task window from earlier. Now press the blue record button and arrest your alt account once again.

Don’t move your camera or make extra movements when recording with the program.

But once the cell opens, stop recording with a tiny task and move the program window.

Next, open the prefix tab and enable continuous playback from here.

Finally , press the green play button and let the program AFK grind now. And you will be able to arrest your alt account doing nothing.

The program is playing back what you did earlier allowing it to arrest your alt account.

This AFK farm will keep going until you stop it or disable continuous playback instead.

Try this afk grinding method the next time you need some cash.

When doing this glitch, you are able to do it with more than an alt account in game.

To do this, first open any search engine and download multiple game instances.

Next, run the download program and join Jailbreak with any account you want. Make sure not to close the program while doing this version of grinding.

But once in Jailbreak, join the police team and head to the prison once again. At prison, exit full screen and login to any alt through a browser.

Next, once inside the account join the exact same jailbreak server. Once in jailbreak, join the prisoner team and make your way over towards the yard.

Now, once there login to any other alt account and join the same server also. You are free to get as many alt accounts that you want for grinding.

But once they are all here, arrest them all once again and head towards the cells. Keep in mind the more alt accounts you have the further they are spread. Now, once at their cells, angle their cameras right and stand in the hallway.

Next, control all accounts to run outside, punch you, then get arrested again.

Only move their cameras at this time to make sure they are in position for later.

But once the cells open again, try not to arrest your alt by not moving their camera instead.

This will be much harder to do since you have to turn and walk more directions. Take some time to practice this before moving on again. Once ready to move to the next step, open the tiny task program from before.

Once opened, start recording the loop by pressing the blue icon.

Now finish recording the entire loop without moving the camera for any alts.

Finally, stop the recording and enable continuous playback. Now, press the play button and let the program arrest as many alts as you used.

This makes the method even more useful since it can be done with more accounts.

Although you earn a lot more money, it does take more time to set up and to record right. Just remember not to move your camera or the afk grinding method will fail.

This afk grinding method is the best one that has ever existed because of the cash.

You are able to make 2400 every minute with 1 account and 9600 using 4 accounts.

This also means you can make up to 576k an hour and 13,824,00 each day.

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