How To Make An Automatic Bath Design

Automatic Bath allows the player to fill the bathtub by pulling the lever down. You can pull the lever back to clear the water from the tub.

This guide will explain the method to design an automatic bath. In order to make an automatic bath, the first thing you will need to do is to dig the ground and place 8 dispersers. Add a bucket to each one of the dispensers.

Place smooth quartz stairs on these dispensers and add a lever on to the wall and connect this lever to the dispensers. 

Break two blocks left to the lever and move out of the bathroom. Move to the back side while using red stone dust on the ground. And dig the ground under the bathroom.

Place red stone repeaters on the ground you just dug under the bathroom. And then use red stone dust near the repeaters, so that the flow of water will start after pulling the lever in the bathroom. 

Go back to the bathroom and place the grey concrete blocks that you broke earlier. Pull the lever down to fill the tub with water and pull it up to clear the bathtub. 

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