How To Make Anvil

Anvil is a block that is made up of iron and it is used to rename and repair the items. You can also use the anvil to combine the enchantments. 

This guide will let you know hot to make an anvil. The first step to take is to bring 31 pieces of iron ore. Go to the underground mining area and take iron ores from there. 

Move out and head towards the furnace. Use the iron ore pieces on the furnace to make iron ingots and then take the ingots in your inventory. 

Now we need to make 3 pieces of iron blocks. Move to the crafting grid and open 3*3 grid. Use the iron ingots on the grid to craft iron blocks. 

After making the iron blocks, you will be able to craft an anvil. Use three iron blocks and four iron ingots to craft an anvil. 

Now you have successfully made an anvil and don’t forget to pick up in your inventory. 

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