How To Make Automatic Sugarcane Farm

The Automatic Sugarcane farm will help you to get more sugarcanes rapidly. The sugarcanes will drop in the hoppers and you can pick them from the chest box. 

This guide will explain to you the method to make Automatic Sugarcane Farm.

Place 8 sand blocks and 12 iron blocks on the ground in the same as shown in the image below. 

Add water in the center using the water bucket and plant sugar canes on the sand blocks. 

Add a chest box and eight choppers in a straight line in front of the sand blocks.

Add more iron blocks behind sugarcanes and then place a piston at the top of iron blocks except the last one on the right side.

Add a redstone block at the top in front of the left piston and two iron blocks on its side. Use redstone dust on one block and redstone repeater on the other one as shown in the image below. 

The next thing you need to do is to add more iron blocks at the back side as shown in the image below. Use redstone dust at the top of these iron blocks. 

Automatic Sugarcane Farm is fully functional now and it will drop the sugarcanes into the hoppers. And you can pick the final item from the chest box. 

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