How to Make Bad Rain in Soul Knight

This guide will introduce a combo that is quite dirty but highly effective if you combine it successfully.

The first thing you will need to do is to choose “Berserker”.

With its second skill: “free Style”.

After that, you have to prepare the materials: 1: Fertilizer + staff of illusion.

2: shotgun buff (From “Binary Tree”).

And Berserker Statue (Need Lucky).

Some buffs need luck and reroll: Attack speed increased increase damage of staves.

3: How to get multiple small clones. 

You have to use 2nd skill then use the staff of illusion. You can see five ohibi followers bring fertilizer. It can reach 10 if you combine it with increased damage of staves.

Let’s see how it works with Boss Rush of BadASs level. 1-1: Double crystal crab

1-2: Easter Bunny & Christmas treat.

Look at its tremendous power. Stun makes the boss almost standstill.

1-4: Double snowman. It is too fast.

2-1: Headless & Slime.

2-4: Skeleton king & Nian.

Kill all of them.

3-1: Double Anubis.

Now 3-3: with 4 Dragon.

They can move flexibly, and it’s hard to beat if not close to stunning.

Wasted. Not it’s the Revenge Time.

Final, 3-4 Varkolyn & Zulan.

Easy to pass. It is too powerful when combined with berserker.

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