How To Make Best Deck For All Time In Frag Pro Shooter

This guide will tell you how to make the best deck in Frag Pro Shooter 202. You will come to know how to make the best team for yourself and how to balance the team according to your playstyle.

The first thing you will need to know is that you need 5 cards to make a truck. The central slot is called favourite slot, pick your most favourite card for this slot.

The second slot is named game slot. You can pick new characters for this slot because they come as very powerful characters. If all the cards are balanced, then you will need to pick the supportive card.

The third slot is called the heavy attacker slot. You should pick two heavy HP attackers for this slot. Hannibal and Lucha will be the best choice.

Now you will need a defender card to balance your team. The fourth slot is named as the defender slot. The Boss and Queen Unicorn are considered to be the best defenders in the game.

The fifth slot is called the Game Style slot. All the players have a different play style, so you have to pick the car according to your playstyle for this slot.





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