How To Make Cartography Table

Cartography tables can also lock maps using glass panes, making them unable to be explored further. Cartography tables are used for cloning, expanding and zooming out maps.  To make a Cartography Table, you will need Wood Log, Sugar cane, Wood Planks and Paper. Please follow the following steps to make a Cartography Table. 

Wood Log 

In order to make a Cartography Table, the basic item that you will need to get is Log of any kind of wood. So find any tree and get at least one log of wood using your Iron axe. 

Sugar cane 

After that the next required item that you will have to find and get is sugarcane. Sugarcane can be found on grass blocks near the bank of the river. You need to get at least three pieces of sugarcane. 

Wood Planks 

After this, you need to make wood planks from wood blocks you have collected. Head towards the crafting table and add wood block in any cell of 3*3 crafting grid. You will get wood planks in the right-side box of the crafting grid. One wood block will convert into four wooden planks. Bring these wooden planks into inventory. 

Paper from sugarcanes 

The next thing you will need to craft is papers. Add three sugarcanes in the middle row of the crafting grid and get paper in the right-side box. Put this paper in your inventory to use it later. 

Cartography Table 

Now you can craft a cartography table using the crafting table as you have all required items in stock. Add four wood planks in four adjacent cells of lower two rows and two papers right above cells over these wood planks. You will get a cartography table in the right-side box of the crafting table. Add this table in your “ready to use” stock. 

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