How To Make Chiseled Sandstone

Chiseled Sandstone is one of the craft able blocks in the Minecraft game and it can be used for decoration of buildings.

To make Chiseled Sandstone, you will need Sand Blocks, Sandstone and Sandstone Slab. Please follow the following steps to make a Chiseled Sandstone. 

Sand Blocks 

To make chiseled sandstone, equip your Stone Shovel and look for sand somewhere in the fields near water. Start digging and get at least 12 sands from there.  


After that, you will need to craft sandstone. Go towards the crafting table and open 3*3 crafting grid. Place 12 sand blocks on the crafting grid in four adjacent cells to craft 3 sandstones as 4 sand blocks can make 1 sandstone. Add them into your inventory. 

Sandstone Slab 

And then add three sandstones on the 3*3 crafting grid to craft six sandstone slabs. Don’t forget to bring these sandstone slabs into your inventory. 

Chiseled Sandstone  

Now finally you can craft chiseled sandstone by using the crafting table. Add two sandstone slabs in two adjacent cells of any column of  3*3 crafting grid. This will provide you a chiseled sandstone. Add it into “ready to use” stock. 

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