How To Make Clock

The clock is used to display the current time in game by displaying the sun and the moon. Follow this brief guide on how to make a clock in Minecraft survival. you will need some certain items to make it happen like gold ores, Redstone dust &Gold ingot. You will also have to use Furnace.

Gold Ores

The first item you need to get is gold ores. Search for the gold ores, you will need to find at least 4 of them. 

Redstone Dust

After that you will have to find and collect at least one Redstone dust.

Gold Ingot using Furnace

Now you will have to make a gold ingot from gold ores by using the furnace. Go towards the furnace and use the gold ore with coal to get gold ingot. If you put one gold ore in the furnace you will get one gold ingot out of it. We need 4 gold ingots in our case to make a clock. Add these gold ingots in your inventory. 

Crafting clock

Move to the crafting table and open up the 3*3 crafting grid. Add Redstone dust at the center of this grid and gold ingots in a way these ingots make a circle around Redstone I.e. one gold ingot in the middle of the first row, two at the sides of the second row and one ingot in the center of the third row. You will get a clock, add it into your inventory.

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