How to make Cooked Fish

Fish is one of the edible foods in the Minecraft Survival, and you can cook it using the furnace. Cooked Fish can heal 2.5 hunger points. To make a cooked fish you will need to pick one fish from the ocean.  

Raw Fish 

In order to make cooked fish, the item you need to get is any kind of fish from the river or ocean. You will have to catch raw fish by using a fishing rod. Go towards the ocean to get a fish.  

Cook Fish using furnace  

After getting a fish you have to go towards the furnace so that you can cook it. Add one raw fish in the top box and coal in the lower box, you will get your cooked fish in the right-side box of the Furnace.  

Your raw fish will be cooked in a few seconds. Add it into your inventory or eat it. Cooked fish can heal 2 and a half hunger points. 

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