How To Make Cyan Wool

The use of cyan wool is that you can make cyan carpet, cyan bed and cyan banner from it. In this brief guide we will tell you how you can make cyan wool. To make Cyan wool you need certain things like Shears, Wool(need to find sheep), Cactus, Lapis Lazuli, Cactus Green Dye, Cyan Dye and Furnace.

Sheep Wool

You need to find at least one sheep so that you can get wool out of her. Go and find a sheep in the grass fields. 


After that you need to go to find a cactus. To find cactus you need to go to the desert biome, where you will find them easily. Take some blocks of cactus.

Lapis Lazuli

After that you will have to find some lapis lazuli gemstones. you need to have at least four of them.

Cactus Green Dye

And then you will have to make a cactus green dye from cactus block using the furnace. So go to the furnace to make a dye. Burn a cactus with coal to make this dye and bring it into your inventory.

Cyan Dye

Move to the crafting table and open up the 3*3 crafting grid. Add 1 piece of lapis lazuli gem and cactus green dye in the same way as shown in the image below, where you will add gemstone at the middle of the upper row and cactus green dye in the center of the middle row. You will get a cyan dye in the right side box of the crafting grid. Add this item in “ready to use” stock.

Cyan Wool

Now finally you can craft cyan wool by adding cyan dye and wool into the 3*3 crafting grid. After crafting, bring the cyan wool into your inventory. 

You have successfully crafted cyan wool. 

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