How To Make Diamond Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots)

Armor will protect you from the attacks of the enemies and it really acts as a shield that will not let you take any kind of damage. Diamond Armor has got the highest durability in the game.

To craft the diamond armor, the first thing you need to do is to find the diamond. Go downstairs in the mining area and start crushing the wall with the help of a pickaxe.

Collect almost 24 pieces of diamond ingot in order to make the diamond armor. Move up the stairs after collecting pieces of ingot. Go to the crafting table and open the 3*3 crafting grid to craft a diamond helmet.

The next armor piece will be a chestplate. Place the diamonds according to the shape of the chestplate to craft the diamond chestplate. Once you crafted it, take that into your inventory.

Now we have to make the diamond legging. Use the pieces of diamond on the same 3*3 grid to craft the diamond legging. 

The last thing in the armor would be the boots. To create the diamond boots, place the diamond ingots on the grid according to the shape of boots. And then take the diamond boots into your inventory. 

Now you have successfully created the diamond armor, wear this up and it will protect you from the damage from your opponents. 

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